Pubs and Sports Bars in Wickford

Found yourself in Wickford and beginning to panic because you can't find anywhere to catch the game with a cold one in your hand? Don't you worry because this page has all the information you need to find the perfect sports bars in Wickford showing live sport. We've listed out the best pubs in Wickford and by clicking on one below you'll opening times, fixtures being shown, number of screens, what the food offering is and even if there are any opportunities for an exclusive drinks promotion available through the MatchPint app. Ensuring you and your mates never miss the opportunity to share those unmissable moments together is what MatchPint is all about. If you just love the beautiful game, check out our list of best pubs to watch football in!

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Being located in Essex, Wickford is surrounded by sporting royalty with the likes of Alistair Cook, Trevor Brooking, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Jimmy Greaves, David Lloyd and erm... Carl Jenkinson all heralding from a mere stone’s throw away from the Sugar Hut. The quiet town of Wickford however is better associated with great pubs to watch sport in than the late-night hotspots you'd see Arg and Gemma Collins in, which is exactly why we've collated all of them and listed them below. You'll find information on the exact fixtures and times they're being shown, how good the food is, the number of screens and any potential excusive offers being run on the MatchPint app.  However, if you're more Mark Wright than Arg and just love the beautiful game, check out our list of best pubs to watch football in!


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