Watford, to the uninitiated, is home to Big Elton, Anthony Joshua, Vinnie Jones, that weird Harry Potter thing and an absolute job lot of cracking pubs. This page is the perfect tonic for anyone looking for the perfect sports bars in Watford, with every watering hole that shows sport live on TV in the town listed by location. Scroll down the list or have a look around the map on the right before clicking on a pub's name to find out all the key details for that particular venue. First and foremost it'll give you their TV listings for the next few weeks, a vital tool for anyone who's ever spent the minutes before kick-off frantically charging around the high street trying to locate a boozer that's showing the game they're after. Elsewhere on the profile, you'll see info such as the pub's opening hours, how many screens they have, what their menu is like and whether they're involved in any exclusive MatchPint rewards.

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Watford is home to the mighty Hornets, a team who look closer than ever to reaching their 80s heyday at the moment. With Premier League footy high on the agenda in the town, you'll always find plenty of sports pubs in Watford showing games. At MatchPint we're committed to ensuring our fans get the very best matchday experience when they take in a big match at the pub. That's why we've added user reviews and ratings from previous punters to each pub's profiles, meaning you can make the most informed decision about where to spend your hard earned coins of a weekend. Not quite found what you're after, why not check out our list of pubs in St Albans?


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