Use this page to find nearby sports bars and pubs in Waterloo showingsport on TV. You can peruse through the list of great boozers below at your leisure or for a more precise search pop a postcode into the search bar to see which is closest to you. Due to the close proximity of the station there’s every chance you’ll be on the lookout for pubs near Waterloo Station. Click on a pub to see all sorts of details on it – their menu, what games they show, how many screens they have, what other users think of it. Basically, all the info you’ll need to make an informed decision on where to watch the game.

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Waterloo - beloved of Abba, Gebhard Von Blücher and people in London who seriously rate a good Christmas market – is a vibrant spot of central London that has its fair share of sweet boozers and pubs that show live sport on TV.   Located just beyond the Southbank of the Thames, the area has a rich heritage within the tourist and arts industry with spots like the Old Vic, IMAX cinema, New Vic as well as big tourist attractions like the London Eye and Aquarium.   But not everyone out there likes classical theatre or eyeball busting 3D movies come Saturday afternoon. What this fine nation of ours really does enjoy unequivocally of a Saturday is getting down to pub to watch the game with a few pals.   MatchPint is the UK’s finest pub finder and the only tool you will need to ensure you find a cracking bar in Waterloo in which to catch the big game. Our site tells you a) where the nearest one is and b) what you can expect once there from how many screens they have, to what the menu is like and whether other MatchPint users have enjoyed their time there. Whatever you are after be sure that through MatchPint you will find a Waterloo sports pub to suit your needs.


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