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This page contains a searchable list of all pubs showing World Cup 2022 on TV in the UK. To find your nearest bars showing Qatar 2022, simply select your fixture and search by location. We'll do the rest and show you exactly which boozers will be screening that particular game on the box. Wanna know what you'll be watching and when? Check out our men's FIFA World Cup TV guide showing you exactly who will be playing, on which dates, correct kick-off times and how you can watch it on TV.

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World Cup 2022

Looking the for greatest pub experience going? Check out our hand-picked list of the best World Cup pubs the UK has to offer. Anyone who remembers the summer of 2018 in England knows that few things match the experience of a high stakes FIFA World Cup game played out in a packed pub, surrounded by your best mates. Hopefully, Qatar can offer similar thrills to fans even if the seasons and climate aren't quite the same.

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