Sports Bars and Pubs showing Winter Olympics 2018

This year the mountains of PyeongChang in South Korea will host the Winter Olympics for what shall be several weeks of high octane slipping and sliding over all sorts of chilly things. This international festival of winter sports is a completely unique event and a real highlight of the athletic calendar. Make sure you’re nice and cosy in a pub with something mulled and ready to watch the icy action unfold. The most important question on most people's lips, however, is who will be this year's Eddie the Eagle for cult sporting performance?

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Winter Olympics 2018

Find pubs showing PyeongChang 2018 with MatchPint! Considering all the action is taking place several thousand miles away in the Taebaek Mountain resort of PyeongChang in South Korea, your best bet for finding a vibrant atmosphere to watch the action, is down at the pub. Fortunately, as the UK's No.1 sports pub finder, we're here to sort you out with your nearest bar showing PyeongChang 2018 in an instant. Whether it’s the downhill slalom, figure skating or the luge that floats your boat, the action at the Winter Olympics is always high octane and best enjoyed with a drink in hand and some pals to wave those little plastic flags with.


Scroll down this list to see which bars will be showing events at the Winter Olympics 2018. Simply click on the red arrow to see more about the bar in question. We'll tell you how many screens the pub has, what the menu is like, whether the commentary will be playing and a whole lot more to ensure you make the most informed decision on where you go to watch that all important curling semi final! Are you a North American in the UK looking for a spot that's often showing Ice Hockey? Head to The Albion in Blackfriars. You won't regret it.

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