Watch live Tour de France in Pubs in London, UK and Ireland

This page contains a list of pubs showing each stage of the Tour de France in the UK. Just pick a day and search by location. It's time again for one of the world's great sporting spectacles as hundreds of blokes in lycra pelt around France for our entertainment. Full of intrigue and staggering physical endeavour, it's a classic watch. Why not find the best bar for cycling nearby by simply selecting the days viewing and whacking in your postcode.

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Tour de France

The Tour de France is kicking off on the 29th of August this year and if you're stuck looking for a pub showing the 23-day competition then look no further, we'll do it all for you. Though a fairly niche fixture to watch from start to finish, we accommodate plenty such sporting adventures here at MatchPint and hence have provided you with a list of the best bars for the Tour de France this summer. 

Simply click on the day you want and search by location to find the nearest bars to you showing the Tour de France. As the pubs update their own fixture list, you can rest assured that if it says they're showing the cycling, its a damn sure bet that you'll be able to see the lads tearing down the Riviera. 

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