Sports Bars and Pubs showing the 2016 Olympics

Four years on from the greatest party London's ever seen it's Rio's turn to carry the Olympic torch as the world's sporting focus shifts to Brazil. It's time to care about taekwondo more than you thought you ever could, to roar with anguish at the TV as the archery gets spicy and to hug strangers/throw pints everywhere as Britain snag another glorious medal in the canoeing. Few things bring a nation together like the Olympics and we feel the very best place to watch Mo Farah, Jess Ennis-Hill and co strut their stuff is the most British institution of them all - the pub.

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MatchPint is dedicated to hooking you up with the best boozers showing the action from the greatest sporting event in the world when the athletic bonanza rolls into Rio in 2016. Simply click on the events you want to see, pop in your location or postcode and we’ll find you pubs and bars in the area showing what you’re after. It’s a match made in heaven, like chips and gravy or drums and bass.

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