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"I say, it must be nearly time for those chaps to do their thing on the river, isn't it?" If you've just been overheard making this remark, congratulations - your finger is more on the pulse than Delia Smith's pinky in a bowl of lentils. Britain's greatest Boat Race (not to be confused with the College drinking game with which it shares a name) takes place this Sunday afternoon. You've had your roast, you're stomach's laced with chocolate and now there's only one questions left: "Where can I watch the Boat Race?". 

The answer's simple: simply click on the red arrow below, enter your postcode, town, or area of London, and see which pubs are showing the Boat Race near you.

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The Boat Race

If, however, you're after a more "up close and personal" experience, then fear not - we have the answer - or, more specifically, a few options for you to try. Getting into a pub in time to get a view of the race on the river is no easy task and we suggest that, if you're thinking of catching the action along the Thames, you get there early! For a great view of the finish, there's no better spot than the Ship, sat practically on top of the finish line and guaranteed to be ramed from dawn till dusk. For another great spot, slightly before the Ship, check out the brilliant White Hart with its riverside terrace and delicious ale selection. Towards the middle of the race, highlights include the Old Ship and the Crabtree, though you can do far worse than find a pub by the start to see out the day. With such a fine array of watering holes in Putney, it's even worth getting to the bridge for the start and then slinking straight into a nearby pub for the race proper.  

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