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Looking for pubs showing showing the Ashes? This page is a godsend. Allow MatchPint to show you the very best cricket pubs and all pubs showing the Ashes. It's simpler than a dolly catch at mid-on - just select the fixture and enter your location or postcode. We show exactly where to go so you night owls can knuckle down for a glorious day (or night) in front of the action with a delicious pint in hand.

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The Ashes

Summer is here - Boycott's as cantankerous as ever, Ben Stokes is back on top of his game and hell bent on kicking on making this an historic summer for English cricket. Meanwhile, the Aussies are in somewhat disarray, intent on giving us a bashing to detract from their own shortcomings. It's going to be another cracking Ashes summer and MatchPint is here to make sure you always have a pub to enjoy the action in.

We will not only always show you the nearest pub showing the Ashes by also the ones most suited to your tastes and needs. For example, want to find a pub that will be playing the commentary, in HD and dogs are allowed in to join you? Not a problem, we can even search for pubs that have outdoor screens for all you sun junkies/committed smokers.

Matchpint is also a dream organisational tool. Simply set up a profile, add you favourite teams and bars and you're good to go. Our app is Facebook integrated so when you know where you’re watching a game, simply invite your pals with the click of a button and they should know exactly where to go and at what time to ensure they get a great seat with you in time for kickoff.

To find your nearest pub showing the Ashes simply find the fixture you want to watch, click on the red arrow and enter your location.

Big time cricket fan? Why not check out our list of the best pubs for cricket in London. There are some real peaches in there.

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