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This page contains a fully searchable list of bars showing Super Rugby in the UK. To find your nearest boozers showing a specific rugger game, simply pick your fixture and search by your location. We'll bring up a bunch of bars you can head to, you've just got to pick one. Boasting the word's finest players and some laissez-fair refereeing, Super Rugby delivers epic games worthy of a trip to the pub, all year round. 

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Super Rugby

Keen to watch these seismic showdowns in the confines of a lively pub surrounded by fellow egg chasers? Allow MatchPint to help you out there. Click on one of the games below to see a list of bars showing Super Rugby on TV. From there see key information about what time they open, what the menu is like, how many screens they have and even whether you’re allowed to bring you pooch along for the game. Alternatively, enter your location, or where you’d like to watch the Super Rugby final live on TV, into the search box and we’ll show you where the nearest bar showing the game is.

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