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This page contains a list of all pubs showing Scottish Premiership football on TV across the UK. To find a bar near you screening a particular game on TV, simply select a fixture and search your location. Famously one of the most entertaining leagues in the entire world, Scottish Premiership football on TV rarely disappoints, despite the long Celtic/Rangers duopoly. Unable to make the pub for a game? Our dedicated Scottish Premiership TV Guide is well worth bookmarking.

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Scottish Premiership

Arctic conditions, die-hard fans, the truly sublime and the frequently ridiculous, Scotland's top tier is the gift that keeps on giving. Whilst it may not quite boast the star names and glamour of its English equivalent, there's a passion and romance to the Scottish Premiership that few leagues can match. Finding a pub showing Scottish Premiership live, especially if you're south of Hadrian's Wall, can occasionally be a bit tricky. That's why this page exists. Just pick your game and search to find out which boozers have their heads firmly screwed on. Specifically after a boozer showing the Hoops? Our list of pubs showing Celtic should be just the ticket.

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