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This page contains a list of pubs showing the 2021 Rugby League World Cup on TV. To use it, select the fixture you'd like to watch and enter your location into the search box. We'll show you all the pubs nearby showing that particular match live on TV. With hosts England chasing an elusive world title and the introduction of newbies Jamaica and Greece, this looks set to be the best tournament yet. Interested in an epic Rugby League World Cup experience? Check out our curated list of the best rugby league pubs the UK has to offer.

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Rugby League World Cup 2021

Whether you're a hardcore league head or a casual sports fan, the Rugby League World Cup 2021 offers something for everyone. With shuddering hits, outrageous finishing and some of the finest athletic specimens on the planet, every Test match is a Shakespearian drama of its own. Not sure when it all kicks off or where you can watch it? Our rugby league TV guide should sort you right out. 

This page contains all the info you need to watch league on TV in the UK, whether that's Super League, NRL, Challenge Cup or Rugby League World Cup.

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