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This page contains a fully searchable list of pubs showing Pro14 rugby on TV. 14 teams, 5 nations and a whole heap of scintillating action. The Pro 14 offers up value and intrigue that few other leagues can, especially since the introduction of South African sides to the mix. On this page, you'll find a list of all pubs showing Pro 14 rugby on TV in the UK and Ireland. To locate a bar near you showing a specific game just select a fixture and search by location. From there it's a case of picking a suitable boozer and settling down for an afternoon of frenzied action on the box.

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Pro 14

Among a new continent and round trips of over 20k km to contend with Pro14 rugby has just got a whole heap more interesting. With copious amounts of big tackles, tries & 5 countries involved indulge yourself by watching this a fantastic pub and a pint of the good stuff. Even better, with MatchPint finding a pub nearby has never been simpler. Need any more tempting?

If you want to know what games are coming up and find a pub showing them, just navigate to the bottom of this page and you will find all the games that are being shown near you, and anywhere in the UK. If you fancy somewhere a bit more you? Why not select what features you want the pub to have? Anything from HD, outdoor screens and food can all be chosen to find a pub that will satisfy your thirst for Pro 14 rugby.

If you love all types of rugby why not head over to our best rugby pubs, and best pubs for the 6 Nations to find the very best rugby pubs near you.

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