Pubs and bars showing Premier League in UK and Ireland

Few things go hand in hand quite like live footy, a great group of mates and a cracking pub. As one of life's simple pleasures, it's an absolute nightmare when you can't find a bar showing the game, however. That's why we've created this page of all UK and Irland pubs showing Premier League on TV. Whether it's Sky Sports Premier League fixtures or the games that only BT Sport show, we've got them all covered.

We don't for the life of us know what will happen each season in the EPL but we are pretty darned sure about the best place to catch all the action unfold. Clue, it's not in your house watching via a shoddy stream on your measly laptop screen, with commentary belted out in Russian. Select your match below, enter your postcode or location and see which great pubs nearby are showing the game. Alternatively, why not check out our list of best pubs for football in London?

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Premier League

Watch live Premier League football with MatchPint. On this page, you’ll find all of the live EPL games coming up in the next fortnight. To the right of each fixture, you’ll see a red box telling you how many pubs and bars in London and across the UK are showing the game. All you have to do is click on that box, enter your city, town or postcode on the next page and we’ll tell you which places nearby are showing the game. Quite a big fan free pints? You need to get your hands on our free pub finder app: Always know where the game is on and get rewarded for your loyalty with great offers like beer and money off food. If you want to watch Premier League football live on TV, you’re probably racking your brains for all of the local Sky Sports pubs or BT Sport pubs that you know. But what if there are other pubs and bars closer that you don’t know about, or what if you’re away from your local and you desperately need to find a pub in which to watch the game? That’s where MatchPint comes in. Use this page as an easy-to-navigate pub finder for sports bars and pubs wherever you are. And who could blame you for wanting to catch the best league in the world being played out in a pub, away from all forms of screaming children, with your mates on one side and a stack of pints on the other? To help you find the best pubs and bars in which to watch live EPL, we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about the pub before you go there: how many screens it has, whether it has HD, how big it’s capacity is and when it’s open. It is our quest to make your sports viewing as easy as possible. Once you’ve clicked on a pub profile, you can also read descriptions and view photos to get a flavour of the place before you choose it. Soon, not only will you be able to rate the pubs and bars you visit, but you’ll be able to review them as well – there’s no better way to watch live Premier League football than through MatchPint.

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