Pubs and Sports Bars showing NFL in the UK

This page contains a list of pubs showing NFL in the UK. MatchPint is here to help you find your nearest pubs showing NFL so that you need never miss a moment from across the pond. Simply pick a fixture to watch then search by your location. We'll show you which pubs nearby are definitely screening that particular game on TV. Pretty handy, no? With the new season underway, why not check our list of the Best Super Bowl Pubs? It's never too early to start dreaming.

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Just because us Brits don't traditionally play American Football, it doesn't mean we don't go mad for watching it, particularly in pubs and sports bars across the UK. There are few things British sports fans love more than huge hits, lazer guided running lines and slotting a ball between a pair of posts from 50 yards. Just select which game you want to watch, enter your location and see which bars are advertising the big game. Sunday evenings are made for chilled out sessions in the pub with live American football on the box. Schedules are updated by the pubs themselves so if you see it on MatchPint, you'll definitely see it in the bar.

Looking for somewhere that's a bit of a hive for gridiron fans in the UK? Check out list of the best NFL pubs

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