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After the absolute scenes witnessed nationwide in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, now is the time to dust off your waistcoat and locate that beer-stained St George’s flag that you refused to throw away when all was said and done in Russia. England are back in action and hungrier than ever to finally lift some actual silverware. So we have been thinking long and hard about it and we’ve identified the best pubs showing the UEFA Nations League. Whatever type of place you're after, we'll give you all the information you need to make an informed  decision on where to watch. If you only care for the really big matches, you can search for pubs showing the European Championships 2020. Welcome to the future, my friend.

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UEFA Nations League

This brand-spanking new competition, the Nations League, was largely an enigma not long after it’s inception. But as time has gone on and we’ve gotten to grips with the strange three-teams-per-group format, it has slowly but surely endeared itself to us. Of course, it has helped that England have been so dominant and the retribution over the nouveau-nemesis, Croatia compounded the high-spirits surrounding it. It’s no surprise there are tonnes of sports bars showing the Nations League becuase it's the thing that everybody is talking about. Don't miss out - find pubs showing the action now.

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