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The ICC Cricket World Cup is here once again with England hosting things. Going into the tournament the hosts are in rude form whilst India and Australia also look strong. It should be one hell of a tournament. If you're looking for pubs showing Cricket World Cup on TV you're in the right place. Simply select the game you're after, enter a location or postcode to see bars near you showing live cricket. If the sound of leather on willow is your kind of thing, why not check out our best pubs for cricket? These are some of the finest bars around to catch some world-class white ball action in.

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ICC Cricket World Cup

Who's ready for the annual jamboree of wickets, boundaries and silly application of sunblock that is the ICC Cricket World Cup? If you're desperate to catch some world-class white ball action, you're in the right place. Here at MatchPint, the UK and Ireland's No.1 pub finder, we're ready to help you find the very best bars showing cricket on TV. All you need is our app and an appetite for some late nights. With to the tournament taking place in England, pubs will definitely showing games throughout the day. With cricket fever expected to hit the country finding great pubs to watch the games in should be no problem. If you're struggling we'll sure help you find them. Once you’ve located one by selecting a game and searching by a location, we can tell you exactly what to expect when you get there, from how many screens they have to what's on the menu and whether you can check in via the MatchPint app to grab exclusive offers and deals. Once you've done watching the Cricket World Cup, perhaps you might be inclined to check out some IPL? In that case, our pubs showing IPL cricket might be worth a peruse, as will our list of the bars showing Ashes cricket.

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