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The Champions League's slightly longer and less glamorous little brother has come up trumps in recent years, producing some of the most exciting results and upsets we've seen of late. Who didn't enjoy Fulham's epic run to the final a few years back or Sevilla's magical hat-trick of titles? With MatchPint we'll show you the best pubs and sports bars to watch exciting Europa League action in. The good news is that a Champions League place is up for grabs for the winners, meaning teams have started treating the competition a little more seriously. Simply scroll down, pick your fixture, enter your location and we'll tell you where to go to find a pub showing your side take on some mysterious outfit from the old Soviet Bloc in an abandoned fort. Glorious!

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Europa League

Whether it's pubs showing Europa League final live that you're after or one of the many great qualifiers or group games, this page of all pubs showing Europa League should be a godsend for the discerning footy fan. Pick a game, find a great pub nearby, have a cracking evening. Love your sport, don't mind a complimentary pint and always want to be in the know? Do yourself a favour and get your hands on our free app now:

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