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 Find your nearest pub or sports bar showing the Champions League with MatchPint. Simply pick a fixture to see pubs and sports bars showing the biggest and best competition in club football. Whether you're a fan of Liverpool or Chelsea hungry for another title or backing a team of mere mortals still looking for the first shot at glory, the allure of this competition is unavoidable. Once you’ve selected a fixture, you can enter your postcode or city into the search box in order to identify the nearest venues to you. Whether you're after somewhere for the qualifiers or a pub showing the Champions League final on TV, this page will sort you out. Alternatively, you can search directly for pubs showing Liverpool games or any other top side for that matter. 

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Champions League

Few things make the hairs on your neck stand up quite like the first few bars of that legendary theme tune ringing out over a buzzing bar. When it comes to drama, the Champs League is pound for pound the most exciting version of the beautiful game going. As such, bars and sports pubs across the globe fill up when it's on as the world's finest players duke it out on TV. On this page you'll find all bars showing games from Europe's elite competition, whether you're after a pub showing Champions League final or the very first qualifying phases, you'll find all the best bars in the UK and Ireland on this page. Like free pints? Not got our pub finder app yet? Download it now:

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