Pubs Showing Autumn Internationals Live on TV

This page contains a fully searchable list of UK pubs showing Autumn Internatonals on TV. The Autumn Internationals are here once again as a hotchpotch of sides compete in an expanded two group format. Who doesn't love to see the brutal power of the South Africans, the raw rivalry of the home nations facing off and the exciting flair that the Fijians bring? We've got thousands of pubs showing Autumn Internationals live on TV up and down the UK. Just select a game and enter your location to see pubs nearby showing it.

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Autumn Internationals

This November the world's finest rugby players converge in the northern hemisphere to mark the end of the international year. You can find all UK bars showing autumn internationals live on this page right here.

Make sure you've got a fine watering hole lined up for each big match this November. Can't make the boozer? Our dedicated rugby on TV guide should sort you out. 

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