by Peter H. - Jun 19, 2016
DT hjryfdedd

by Peter H. - Jun 19, 2016

by First L. - Oct 17, 2015
Avoid if you want to watch sports. Staff terribly rude. I asked if they could put the rugby on (as advertised) and they said no. They finally put it on one telly and left the other 15 play some re-run of a football match long finished. It was early and there were only a few people in the pub and all were watching the rugby. I asked if they could put the sound on and they seemed more interested in cleaning the bar fridges out then helping. In the second half a nice cleaner flicked a switch and turned the sound on. Terrible experience. 0 star.

by Amanda P. - Oct 17, 2015
Awful place! Terrible service. Tried to watch the rugby World Cup, turned up no rugby on as advertised, had to ask and then they refused to put the sound on. Seemed more interested in chatting to each other that their customers.

by Marton P. - Aug 14, 2015
Cool bar

by Kate L. - Apr 14, 2015
Terrible. Had a live band on the same night as a game they advertised on here as having commentary. Ridiculous. Messed around with TV channels before game, missed first 5 minutes. Ran out of beer at half time. Terrible terrible experience.

by Anna C. - Jan 24, 2015
Bar is great they have a big screen

by Ned H. - Nov 18, 2014

by Stefan D. - Nov 18, 2014

by Stefan D. - Nov 18, 2014

by Sergio R. - Oct 25, 2014
we will go back!

by Karim H. - Oct 21, 2014
Hoping for a great game

by Jordhan B. - Oct 21, 2014

by Matteo D. - Oct 21, 2014
Great pub!!

by Steve R. - Oct 05, 2014

by Steve R. - Oct 05, 2014

by Dane Q. - Oct 05, 2014
Awful staff, waited 20 minutes for a pint, so I ordered 2.... loud Italians yelling at some shit serie a game while were all trying to watch arsenal - Chelsea

by Nikki R. - Oct 05, 2014
Lovely to sit outside in the sunshine to watch the footy on the big screen

by Steve R. - Oct 05, 2014
Great pub - sat outside in the sunshine watching the Arsenal match on the big screen.

by James B. - Jul 29, 2014

by Isobel M. - Jun 26, 2014

by Andy K. - Jun 19, 2014
I loovvveeee j├Ąger bar

by Ed F. - Jun 13, 2014
Great venue to watch the game. However the staff were massively overrun so it took forever to get a drink. Apart from that it was great

by Martin O. - Jun 13, 2014
Good bar for football.

by Ignaz F. - Jun 12, 2014
Love it

by Ruxandra G. - Jun 07, 2014
i like it here

by Octav A. - Jun 07, 2014
Very nice pub. nothing like a tipical sports pub. love it

by Donja V. - Jun 07, 2014
Free drinks

by Nicholas S. - Jun 07, 2014
free drink!

by Nicholas S. - Jun 07, 2014
free drink!

by Juan C. - May 24, 2014
New happy hour on Saturday, football time

by Jorge C. - May 24, 2014
shame not happy hour on saturday

by Josh C. - May 24, 2014
Great bar

by Damien Niles T. - May 21, 2014
Awesome place to hang out!

by Mehmet F. - May 17, 2014
Top bar

by Roger D. - May 16, 2014
This place is awesome.

by Jill H. - May 16, 2014
This place is great

by Stu C. - May 13, 2014
Good bar, decent drinks.

by Vincenzo M. - May 02, 2014
grest pub to chill out and grsb a drink

by Peter H. - May 02, 2014
Great bar

by Paul L. - Apr 30, 2014
Decent space and beer selection

by Sebastian R. - Apr 16, 2014
very good bar! nice big screens!!

by Juan C. - Apr 16, 2014
Slow services and very disorganised!!!!

by Jorge C. - Apr 16, 2014
slow service at the bar

by Craig C. - Apr 12, 2014
Great area, friendly staff, big screen and 6 plasma tvs

by Maria R. - Apr 02, 2014
i looooved the bar because real madrid WOON ! And the bar was great ;)

by Abdullah A. - Apr 01, 2014
One of the greatest places to watch sports in London. Highly recommend it.

by Moh G. - Mar 17, 2014
Cool !

by Vincenzo M. - Mar 11, 2014
great place for a drink

by Krys G. - Feb 22, 2014
I've ordered a Heineken pint which came with aftertaste of nail polish, when I asked about it the bartender told me she thinks it's fine and that's how it supposed to taste like and the she turned her back on me. Briefly, the bar looks very nice inside there's plenty space and comfy. Unfortunately the service should get changed ASAP.

by Ruth T. - Feb 21, 2014
yay sports!

by Valerie R. - Feb 21, 2014
Great location and nice venue but really noisy on a Friday night.

by Natalia R. - Feb 21, 2014
a bit noisy for sport - loud music and the quieter bar downstairs has no tv!

by Scott M. - Feb 03, 2014
Not eexactly a sports bar

by Dominic C. - Nov 28, 2013
Best outdoor screen in London for a bar or pub. Great for Wimbledon and World Cup especially. Normally have great offers on too.

by Matthieu R. - Nov 22, 2013
Test review

by Dominic C. - Oct 17, 2013
Lovely spot for am evening with the guys

by Benjamin Chilcott B. - Sep 25, 2013
Great pub for watching sport.

by Benjamin Chilcott B. - Sep 17, 2013
Great bar to watch sport in

by Moh G. - Sep 17, 2013
Very cool