Cheap and cheerful
by Dominic C. - Jul 09, 2013
Watched the final Lions Test v Australia here in 2013. Positives include a huge number of screens - 2 big ones, 2 large HD ones and fuzzy old one by the bar. As a result, you can see the action from anywhere. As you may expect from a Scream venue, the drinks, and food in particular, were very cheap, especially if used to London prices (round of cider for 4 was £12 and big breakfast £4 each). Though not entirely lacking in character, it certainly retains the general "across-the-board" student feel that many other Scream bars have. There are nicer pubs in York for a quiet pint of an afternoon, but this is a great option if you're after somewhere with a decent atmosphere, affordable drinks, and great sports facilities.