by Carolyn M. - Jan 28, 2015
Love it! So cool. Great food.

by Steve P. - Jan 28, 2015
Hidden gem for big screen sporting action. Great wood fired pizza

by jamesoc9086@gmail.com O. - Jan 14, 2015
staff are always helpful

by Monique P. - Nov 22, 2014
Nice cosy pub with cold cider and friendly staff and showing rugby...what more could I ask for!!

by Alex B. - Nov 08, 2014
Great pizzas!

by Luciano J. - Nov 04, 2014
Dopest pub in islington

by Blaise H. - Oct 12, 2014
good vibe, good ales, great pizza, sports on but not enough to hinder conversation. nice location - look from the outside maintains a classic London vibe with an appropriately modern clarity

by alex M. - Oct 01, 2014
2 for 1 pizza!

by Ceri E. - Sep 08, 2014
Lovely traditional pub with a great selection of ale and pizza what more can you ask!? Give it a go

by Ceri E. - Sep 08, 2014
Lovely traditional pub good selection of pizzas and ales plus footy what more can you ask!

by Stuart S. - Aug 30, 2014
Great pub, love the free juke box and good selection of beer. Bar staff are a little inadequate though. Someone complained the beer was too warm. The bar staff then asked us how the beer was, we said it was great tasting but not cold at all. They then said "we better look at the gas". Then all 3 of them continued to do nothing but talk amongst themselves for 30mins. We then left.

by Federico N. - Aug 30, 2014
Good Pizza, big screen to watch every kind of sport

by Sam H. - Jul 09, 2014
Great pizza and good beer. Decent for sport

by Sara B. - Jul 09, 2014
Nice pub to watch football. Great lamps and splendid wood panelling.

by Pete S. - Jul 09, 2014
top boozer

by Alex C. - Jun 28, 2014
Cool pub!

by Juan C. - Jun 13, 2014
Wonderfull placed to watch football

by abdi A. - May 24, 2014
lovely little pub with amazing sour dough pizzas. recomend

by Will C. - Apr 20, 2014
Great pub. Big fan

by Sara B. - Feb 08, 2014
Great local pizza with a great atmosphere. Recommend for any sports events.

by Leo M. - Jan 30, 2014
Great pub, great pizzas

by Tom V. - Jan 30, 2014
Just brilliant

by Karl L. - Jan 30, 2014
Free jukebox gets my vote

by Edward M. - Jan 30, 2014
Pizza smells excellent!

by Karl L. - Jan 30, 2014
Great quiz on tonight

by Dominic C. - Jan 30, 2014
Great quiz here at the hanbury!

by Will T. - Jan 30, 2014
Decent pub.

by Arthur H. - Jan 30, 2014
Top notch joint

by Arthur H. - Jan 30, 2014
Top notch joint

by Ali T. - Jan 30, 2014

by Mat B. - Nov 25, 2013