Sports Pubs and Bars in Victoria showing sports live

Find pubs in Victoria showing sport with MatchPint. Below, you’ll see a list of sports bars and pubs in London near Victoria Station. Click on any of the pictures to find out more information and crucially, which matches each pub and bar will be showing in the coming two weeks. Alternatively, look for a specific match in a different area by checking out our main page for Live Sport on TV.

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You’re probably in a bit of a rush. You’ve just come off the train, you’ve arrived in London, it’s 7.30 in the evening and you desperately need to find some sports pubs near Victoria Station in order to catch the match you’re after. You don’t have time to wonder round, poking your mug into every boozer you can see so what do you do?   If you’ve got an iPhone, you should have already downloaded MatchPint’s free app; if you haven’t – do it now! Otherwise, you’re whipping up this page on your browser faster than you can say ‘But what about the project, AVB?’ and you’re all set. Every pub on this list is within walking distance of the station so no matter how delayed your train is, or if you’re just loitering with intent around SW1, you shouldn’t miss the kick-off.   Click on an pub profile to find out all you need to know. The number of TVs, HD screens, 3D screens, whether it’s a football pub, a rugby pub or a tiddlywinks pub – doesn’t matter; it’s a pub in Victoria. Once you’ve looked at their upcoming matches, you’ll know whether you’ll be heading there to score your perfect pint or not.


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