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This is a page all about the best pubs showing sport in Torbay. This small Devonshire town, often known as the English Riviera due to its enviable climate and vast array of leisure attractions, has a population of locals who go absolutely mad for watching sport in the pub. Who can blame them? There is simply no better place to watch this type of unscripted drama than in an atmospheric boozer surrounded by like-minded sports fans. With cold beer never more than a few meters away, we’re yet to meet anybody who disagrees with us. You might also be interested in find pubs showing sport in nearby Bournemouth

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There is so much to see and do in Torbay but that doesn’t mean you have to do all of it… or any of it for that matter. It’s a far safer bet to choose one of the top-notch pubs on this platform and hunker down for a night of world-class entertainment on the T.V screen. Whatever you are or aren’t into, you are sure to find something right up your street. You can search for specific things so if you only want to find pubs showing Champions League, consider it done. Trying to find sufficiently rowdy pubs showing cricket? We’ve got your back pal.

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