Stoke, for a city relatively small in size, is one of the great British sporting hubs. Blessed with fine football heritage, the Potteries has an equally important pub culture meaning MatchPint is particularly helpful if you're knocking around Staffordshire. By telling you which pub is showing which game, we save you time and make watching sports as straight-forward as it should be. So instead of venturing from to pub to pub to only be faced with disappointing venues, or those simply not showing the game, check out our selection of sports bars in Stoke and find one that proves all you desire from a boozer. All you need to do is type in your postcode or specific location in the search bar and click on the pub's profile to find our a whole manner of details allowing you to make an informed decision on where to head to enjoy your pint whilst watching the game. 

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'United strength is stronger' is Stoke's motto. So you might as well join in and look at pubs showing football thanks to the N°1 UK pub finder. Come and have a little sip of your drink while watching the Potters, and witness the great rivalry with Vale FC. Yes, when it comes to punter banter, Stoke is pretty high up in rankings. With Stoke City in the premier league and Vale in league one, the city is pretty well-rounded when it comes to football. You can also choose to be a bit of an outcast and watch the rugby for example, it's all on here. We tell you all upcoming fixtures in the Potteries, just make a pick and head to the pub. And if you want a different kind of United , travel to find our sports bars in Manchester.


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