Sports Pubs and Bars in Stockport

Looking for a local sports bars in Stockport? This is the page for you. Below you'll find a list of all the pubs showing live sport on TV in Stockport, south east Greater Manchester. Famous for its hats, tennis icon Fred Perry and TV antiques hero David Dickinson, Stockport has enough belting pubs and bars to satisfy the most thirsty sports fan. Simply click on a venue to find out all about it, including details on the games they will be showing, what their menu is like and whether they are running any unique MatchPint rewards. Alternatively, you can search the pubs by location by throwing a postcode or address into the search box.

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Watching sport in a great pub is truly one of life's great gifts. If you're knocking around Stockport, Cheadle or Gatley and want to indulge in some fine action on the box with a couple of chums and a few pints of something cold, you're in luck. This page tells you all you need to know about finding a great sports bar in Stockport to catch a match in, whether that's the mighty Stockport County or one of the Premier League's big boys. As well as telling you what's going to be on at each pub we list key info on each venue such as whether they'll be showing games with the sound on, how many screens they have, whether there's a beer garden and even if your dog's welcome in to join you for a pint. Just search by location or postcode to see those bars closest to you. If you're after a more holistic look at Manchester's many sports pubs, here's a complete list of the city's boozers. Alternatively, you might be interested in seeing what we think are the very finest sports pubs in the North West. Wherever you end up, have a great afternoon!


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