You happen to have stumbled upon a page that tells you where the best sports bars in St Albans are hiding.  Is that what you were after? Sweet.  If you see a bar that you like the look of, click on it, and you'll be taken to the bars' profile on MatchPint.  From here, you can do all sorts of cool stuff like make a booking, get directions, invite all your mates, see their upcoming fixtures, and much, much more.  St Albans is only a short train ride away from London, so why not check out our best sports pubs in London page, too.

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St Albans

Think of a town within the London commuter belt.  St Albans? Me too! What are the chances?  Generally, St Albans is a busy, happening town, and just a short train ride away from London.  It has a fantastic high street and there's plenty of great boozers knocking about to settle down in for the afternoon. If you've ever wanted to meet a Tesco's employee, I'd definitely pay St Albans a visit. Situated just around the M25 from Cheshunt and Welwyn Garden City (Tesco offices) you tend to see a lot of the workers here. They're the ones wearing the 'every little helps' T-shirts from the 90's. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your beer time in this historic little town. I did.


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