What's up with Philippe Senderos

Philippe Senderos is one of my favourite men in football. He speaks 6 different languages and is best friends with Cesc Fabregas who describes him as his’ big brother and mentor’. How lovely.


He’s done some pretty mad stuff, such as scoring EPIC headers and being so committed that he put himself out of a World Cup by tackling his own teammate. He's also amusingly prone to catastrophic defensive brain farts. What larks eh?


More importantly though, he looks like a giant shaved mouse. He’s seemingly always concerned, upset or surprised about something or other. Let’s take a look back through his career and see if you can guess what’s troubling him?



1. Have you ever tried playing international football the day after you found out that Freddo's cost £17 these days? Chin up chap.



2. Here's Philippe doing his best impression of Charlie Brown. What's up though bro? He's just realised he left his washing outside to dry, that's what's up mate. Tough.



3. Philippe remembers how beautiful what Ryan and Marissa had was.



4. Phil forgot to Sky+ Fireman Sam this week.



5. Philippe is still attempting to come to terms with the fact that him and Eboue can't hang on weeknights anymore.



6. Nasty bit of mid game brain freeze - surprisingly painful. This is what happens when you gun Powerades in one go rather than sipping them.



7. Never try and decide what the most comfortable type of hat is, mid-game.



8. Philippe is concerned about the cut of this escaped schoolboy's jib.



9. Philippe remembers the ending to Fight Club at a corner kick.



10. Champions League vinegar strokes.



11. Philippe finds out that Nicki Minaj has had bottom implants. I know man...


12. Philippe using his time at Villa Park to get to grips with the potential horrors of global warming and what a complete breakdown in the earth's eco-system as we know it, might entail.

13. Big Phily-Style upon realising that he's just been signed by his biological father.

Of course, the greatest thing that Philippe has ever done in his life is this:



Ooh matron.


Pete Starr
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