Tyson Fury's Weirdest Moments

Tyson Fury's a certified 'character'. A man who's endured his ups and downs, the boxing world is certainly all the more entertaining for his presence.

Ahead of his anticipated Vegas bout vs Tom Schwarz, here are some of the Gypsy King's weirder moments in the public eye.

1. The Day He Gave Out Incredibly Specific Winter Financial Management tips.

Erm ok Tyse. Sound, I guess.

Also a pretty good way to lose 7 mates when they cotton on. No one likes a scran rustler. 

Sorry, that is simply the falsest economy fathomable mate.

I don’t know what this means.


Lovely stuff tbf, actually.

I don’t care how cheap Netto is, doing the weekly shop in Sweden is not cost effective.

Use a mountain for a day out, Tyson? But I live in Yarmouth.

2. Calling Out England Women's Footballer Lucy Bronze On Twitter

*Kisses fingers like chef*

Turns out she's not Deontay Wilder, aka The Bronze Bomber.

Cue climbdown.

3. Trolling Vladimir Klitschko With His Massive Belly

Having strolled into the press conference late with a somewhat shambolic array of pom-pom girls, Fury proceeded to berate the Ukranian icon with one of the all-time great mug offs.

4. The World's Shittest Call Out

Watching him fight desperately against the urge to swear before resorting to calling David Price a 'BIG STIFF IDIOT' is good, repeatedly calling him a 'plumber' even better. Regretable homophobic bit at the end, admittedly less classic.

5. World's Worst Karaoke

Having just snagged Wladimir Klitschko's belts with a stunning display, Fury eschewed protocol by hilariously butchering the Aerosmith schmaltzfest 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' in honour of his wife. Watching the Ukrainian's entourage stand around in dignified bafflement whilst it's going on is particularly entertaining.

6. Regional Smacktalk

Watching him undermine Deontay Wilder's moody fear factor by repeatedly calling him a 'dosser' in his thick Lancashire accent, much to America's bemusement, was an amusing change to the usual pre-match big man talk.

7. Batman

Four years down the line, I'm absolutely none the wiser as to what was going on here.

Right then, who's in need of pubs showing Fury v Schwarz on TV this weekend? With a 4am start time in Vegas, it's worth making sure you know exactly which bars showing boxing are nearby. Enjoy.


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