The New MatchPint App - Key Questions Answered

This February we released a brand-new app, it's a bit of a departure from how the old platform worked. We've been responding to questions from users this week and thought we'd make the answers to the most common queries public.

What We've Done & Why

Remember 2014? England genuinely took Rickie Lambert to Brazil with serious intentions of winning a World Cup, Ed Miliband ruined his political career by eating a bacon butty like a weirdo and we released our last major update of the MatchPint app.

If that feels like a long old time ago, it's because it was.

Having taken on board feedback from both pubs and users in the last year, we realised our service was badly in need of an update.

In light of this, and the fact that 2018 features some absolutely massive sporting events, we wanted to ensure we have an app that will do fans proud and make watching sport at the pub as rewarding as possible.

Last week's new release is the first step in that journey.

What Has Changed?

Favourites First:

Tell us what you want to see. We've changed the role of favourites in a bid to give you the most bespoke experience possible.

When you log on for the first time we'll ask you to tell us what sports and teams you love the most. This will allow us to serve you with the most relevant fixtures and sporting events to your homepage each week.

Want to update your faves? Click the tray on the left-hand side of the app's home screen and hit 'Favourites'.

Universal Search:

Looking for something specific? Long gone are the days of reeling through trays, pages and calendars to get to what you want. Everything on MatchPint can now be found in one place.

Whatever you're seeking, whether it's a pub, offer, fixture or competition, you can find it through our search bar on the home screen.

Beefed Up Security:

We've rolled out the heavies to keep your data safe. Firstly, apologies to anyone who's experienced difficulty trying to log in at times over the last week or so. We've taken numerous steps to improve the online security of our app and ensure the data you've chosen to share with us, stays safe from prying eyes.

This hasn't been perfect, with certain new security steps making it difficult for users to log in at times, but we've ironed out those creases now and you can enjoy the new app knowing that your data is secure with us.

New Look: We hope you agree that everything is a smidge prettier now.


Vive la révolution! Arguably the biggest area of change has come with our offer system. Points and rewards are gone, missions and offers have entered in their place.

Now, every check-in you make completes progress towards a mission. Once the mission is complete, you'll be able to redeem an offer. Once you've completed a mission, it is impossible to progress any further until the offer has been redeemed, meaning you can no longer bank points for future use.

As a result of this update, we have had to scrap the previous points system. This means that old collections of points are no longer valid.

More Offers, More Chances To Redeem

Whilst this change has meant some customers have lost previous points, we sincerely believe it's for the best. Put simply, we could not continue with the old way forever. We hope that the new system is much easier to understand and offers a smoother customer experience.

Crucially, it's now worth noting that each check-in at a pub counts as progress towards every mission that they are running at the time.

So, if a pub has three missions, each one requiring four check-ins to redeem the offer, one check-in would count as 25% progress towards all three.

All this means more chances to redeem. Combine this with our commitment to running a greater array of offers and tournament specific promotions can only mean more chances to reward you, loyal pub goers.

Things We'll Do Better Next Time

Here we owe an apology to users and pubs. Whilst we hope the changes made in the new app mean a better experience for everyone, it's clear that could have been much more pro-active in communicating what these would be and when they would come into effect.

Moving forward we will make sure to communicate any future changes much more clearly and ahead of their implementation.

Merely The Start…

There is plenty more to come! Despite the major overhaul of how MatchPint works, this is just the beginning. We're going to be releasing a number of updates in the coming weeks and months that include tweaks and upgrades to existing features as well as a number of brand spanking new ones. As mentioned, we'll be sure to communicate these as best we can to you and continue to welcome all feedback.

Whether good or bad, it's all vital if we're to create an app that offers pub-goers the very best experience. If you have any comments on any aspect of MatchPint, feel free to shoot us a message on