The Guinness Pint Predictor - What Can I Win?

There's nothing better than watching sport in the pub and winning a free beer. As such, we thought it was high time we brought back a game that you all loved this spring. The Guinness Pint Predictor returns this autumn with a couple of neat tweaks to help you enjoy the next 6 weeks of epic international rugby.

Each match of the tournament gives you an opportunity to win pints of Guinness and bragging rights. Earn points for your prediction accuracy to climb your way up the monthly leagues where you can win Guinness Six Nations 2020 tickets every single round.

Keen to know exactly how your rugby smarts can bag you awesome prizes? Read on.

Free Pints

If your prediction is correct within 3 points you’ll win a free Guinness to enjoy at any point during the next week. Call it within 7 points to bag a pint that you can gift to a deserving friend. This is simply done by either showing them your unique code or sending it via your preferred messaging platform.

Once they have it, your lucky pal just has to enter the code into their app to enjoy a free beer. 

You can win a maximum of one pint for yourself and one pint to gift each round. If you are gifted a pint, you can claim one gifted pint per round as well. However, you'll only be able to claim one pint per day on the app.

Six Nations 2020 Tickets

You'll get points for your prediction accuracy in every game, and these points will accumulate over each round to give you an overall score. Any spot on predictions on will earn you bonus points, and whoever is top of the overall league after each round of fixtures will win a pair tickets to the Guinness Six Nations in February next year. 

Points Explained

Correctly predicting the winning team will earn you 10 points.

If you're within 9 points of the correct margin, you'll receive 1 point. 8 points out will earn you 2 points, 7 points out will earn you 3 points, and so on. 

If you call a prediction bang on, you will receive the full 20 points for your score, and an additional 10 for the perfect prediction, giving you 30 overall. 

This will be added to your weekly and cumulative tally with Guinness Six Nations 2020 tickets to be won every single round for the highest scoring players.

Bragging Rights

Weekly points are tallied with the option to create personal leagues as well as compete nationally with all other MatchPint users and against the 'Guinness Legends'.

With weekly and tournament long prizes up for grabs, there’s always something at stake. The Guinness Pint Predictor ensures that every single minute of international rugby this autumn means more.

It's time to put those debates over who knows more about rugby to bed once and for all. Create your personal leagues and challenge your mates that you'd absolutely love to get one over on.