The Budweiser Premier Predictor - Key Amendments

Premier League football returns to our screens this week after three long months away. Truly a moment worth Ravenelli-ing around your living room over.

As a result, our football predictor game, the Budweiser Premier Predictor, is back with a few changes.

No Prizes

There are a couple of tweaks to how it works. Unfortunately, we’ve had to remove prizes – free Budweiser and match tickets - from the game until the end of the season.

While we’d dearly love to keep these on, our hand has been forced by several factors:

  • There are no pubs currently open to redeem beers in right now.
  • Thousands of pubs across the UK and Ireland will not be able to open again for some time.
  • All remaining fixtures will take place without fans.

Please accept our apologies about that. We dearly wish things were different and we could still offer these.

Predict Every Game

What it does mean, however, is you can see the season through, playing for pride and the bragging rights amongst your mates.

The scoring system remains the same but there's a massive opportunity to turn around even the most torrid campaign in the game. With all 92 fixtures all being shown live on TV, every single match will now be available to predict, meaning 2,760 points remain up for grabs (the game's current joint leaders each have 1340 points). It's very much all to play for.

What’s Coming Up?

Not sure who’s playing each day and on what channel? You need to check out our new and improved Premier League TV Guide.

Whether fixtures are live on Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime or BBC, we’ll let you know exactly which games are taking place each day, what time kick-off is and on which channels.

Do yourself a solid and give it a bookmark now.