Test Your Belief With The Guinness Pint Predictor

This autumn, Guinness are giving you the chance to win free pints and Guinness Six Nations tickets, every single match day, with the Pint Predictor game.

It represents a true test of your belief as a fan - do you follow your heart or head when there's a Guinness on the line?

How To Play

We got our friends Flats and Shanks in to explain exactly how you can play and win this autumn.

Get The App

Fancy giving it a go? The first thing you'll need is the free MatchPint app. If you're on mobile, click here to download it now.

Once you're in, fire up the app and tap 'Play For Pints'.

Call It

For every international match throughout this Autumn's tournament, there is a free pint of Guinness up for grabs. Simply call the winner of each game and choose by how many points.


You can set your predictions anytime and anywhere before kick-off. Crucially, you can make sure it means more by challenging your mates in a private league or by taking on the Guinness Legends League.


If your prediction is correct within 3 points you’ll win a free Guinness to redeem immediately.

Getting your prediction bang on will earn you bonus points, and whoever is top of the overall league after each round of fixtures will win a pair of tickets to the Guinness Six Nations in February next year.


New feature, ahoy! You asked and we have provided.

If your prediction is correct within 7 points, you'll win a 'Giftable Guinness'.

This is a pint that you can send to someone deserving of one. Simply share your code with them, or send it via the app, then bask in the glory of being an exceptional mate.

T&Cs apply, over 18s only. See app for the full list of participating venues.

Not got the free MatchPint app? If you're on mobile, simply click the image below to download it now.