Pubs Offering Takeaway Pints - Searchable List Of UK Bars

In tough times, it's the small things that count, like a couple of freshly pulled pints to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

And whilst they're not quite as glorious a prospect as they were back in balmy May (see giddy man above), they're still a hugely welcome slice of normality as we battle through another lockdown.

That's why we've created a handy map of pubs offering take away pints during lockdown 2.0. 

Click the link above to see the full list then simply search by your location and swing on by.

All this absolutely vital info is also available on the free MatchPint app .  

If you've got it, simply crack it open, click the 'pubs' tab and keep a beady eye out for the purple label under a bar's name.


Hopefully, that's solved the ultimate lockdown question - where can I get takeaway pints near me?

As with anything right now, we'd highly recommend ringing ahead before heading out to check they're open as plenty of pubs are only offering this service during particular hours.