Miguel Herrera - The People's Champ

To those who don’t know this is Mexico manager Miguel Herrera. His team are playing some excellent stuff, he looks more like a toad than any human ever and he is currently bossing the World Cup like a badman.

An utter chode of a man, as a player he used to rock one of the gnarliest mulléts around.



He really loves EVERYTHING. Just imagine how good getting all of the pints in with him would be? That would be some 10/10 boozing.



He is to celebrating what I am to chinning pints of gravy - straight up MVP.



Has nailed the #DStudge wiggle like it ain’t nothing.

One of the best thumbheads in world sport. The man is 0% neck.


You mad bro?!


Has mastered the ‘What’s got two thumbs and doesn’t give a crap?’ look.


No matter what happens in the second round against Brazil, you have to appreciate a man whose default intensity on a football pitch is 13,000%. Well bowled good sir. Long may your glorious antics continue.



Stay classy champ.


Pete Starr

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