MatchPint Podcast: Episode 5 - Sexy Football

Welcome to the MP podcast, a venture where we attempt the crystalise the best conversations in the world - pub debates - in audio form.

In Episode 5, Pete sits down with Ed Smith and Jack Barry to work out the fittest XI (as in sexy) of Premier League footballers. Turns out we fancy pretty much all of them.

Contains some adult language and surprisingly high levels of Jay Rodriguez.

More of an iTunes kind of cat? You listen and subsribe right here -

Fun fact, we actually recorded this pre-World Cup and completely forgot about it. If any of the references sound slightly dated, erm, that's why.


Enjoyed this podcast and wished you could go and watch an hour of acclaimed standup from Jack sometime soon? You're in luck, he's currently at the Edinburgh Fringe with his brand new show, Tango.