MatchPint / Huckletree - Lionesses v Argentina @ Long Arm Brewery

Remember the heady summer of 2018? Long hot days, balmy nights watching England's footballers make the country proud and people hurling pints around like beer was going out of fashion.

The good news is that we get to do it all again in 2019.

Few things go together quite like Friday night drinks and World Cup football. As a result, MatchPint and Huckletree would like to invite you to our Women's World Cup viewing party on Friday 14th June.

We'll have an area reserved at Long Arm Pub and Brewery on Worship Street from 6pm for post-work drinks, tech chat and shuffleboard before watching the Lionesses' pivotal group stage game against Argentina.

Fancy a complimentary pint to kick things off? Go on then. There'll be 20 free beers, brewed on site by Long Arm themselves, available for anyone armed with the MatchPint app.

We'll be lurking the far left hand side of the bar, by the shuffleboard tables. See you tonight.