Man United v Arsenal Pub Quiz

As we look ahead to an almighty clash tonight, here are 10 teasers to keep you entertained before kick off. Good luck.

1. Which manager turfed Danny Welbeck off to Arsenal in 2014?

2. Arsenal boss Unai Emery emerged with a draw from his only other visit to Old Trafford, in 2010. Who was he managing at the time?

3. The UK verison of FIFA 2012 featured one United and one Arsenal player on the front cover. Who were they?

4. Which player scored a hat-trick in the 8-2 win for Man United in 2011?

5. True or false - Sir Alex Ferguson won more FA Cups as a manager than Arsene Wenger.

6. Marc Overmars scored Arsenal’s first goal of the Premier League era at Old Trafford in 1998. What was the final score in that game?

7. Who owned up to hurling a slice of Italian foodstuff at Sir Alex Ferguson after a foul tempered match in 2004?

8. Who was the goalkeeper famously chipped by ambling carthorse, John O'Shea, in United's famous 2-4 at Highbury in 2005?

9. The 2004 FA Cup final between Arsenal and United was the first to go to penalties, who missed the decisive kick?

10. Queen Elizabeth, Dale Winton and Andy Murray are all celebrity fans of which club?


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