Liverpool v Manchester United - North West Derby Pub Quiz

1. Which Man United player was sent off in three consecutive clashes between the two sides?

2. Which defender once broke both of Andy Cole’s legs before stating " I only meant to break one. I know it’s not big and not clever but it was great"?

3. What year did a player last transfer directly from one club to the other?

A) 1964 B) 1981 C) 2001

4. The biggest win for either side in the Premier League era is the 4-0 home win at Old Trafford in 2003. Which player was given his marching orders with the score 0-0? 

5. Which manager has more European Cup or Champions League titles, Bob Paisley or Sir Alex Ferguson?

6. True or false: Man United have kept a clean sheet in each of their last five visits to Anfield.

7. The Liverpool squad famously arrived at Wembley for the 1996 FA Cup final dressed in matching cream suits by which menswear designer?

8.  In which competition did the teams meet for the first time in 2016? 

9. Which Liverpool player scored stuck two past his own keeper in 1999 as United won 3-2 at Anfield?

10. Which former Liverpool boss recently stated in the media: " I don’t think Mourinho was right for United"?


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