Introducing The TV Sports Guide

The Gospel According To MatchPint

For better or worse, the events of 2020 have forced us all to change the way we watch sports.

With the country in lockdown and sports being broadcast on new platforms and channels every single week, we thought of ways we could help sports fans find all the information they need in seconds.

Although sports TV guides exist already, we saw what was out there and found ourselves channelling Geoffrey Boycott after a soft dismissal - thoroughly unimpressed.

From restricted listings, paid tiers, in-app purchases, gambling links and adverts Jackson Pollocked all over the screen, the experience was slow, frustrating, generally a bit minging.

So, we spent lockdown listening to your feedback, cooked up a better Sports TV Guide and added it to our app.

What Does The Sports TV Guide Do?

In seconds, you can now find out every single fixture being shown live on UK TV, the date/time and what TV channel it’s being shown on, with MatchPint.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • No need to use any other service again - we cover every sport, every fixture and every UK TV channel.
  • Completely free - no subscription, no premium tiers, no snide in-app purchases.
  • No adverts - brief respite for the chubby thumbed and impulsive buyers.
  • No gambling links - because the world’s got quite enough of those.

Want to know the really exciting thing? This is just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got a major update lined up for August that will make you question how you ever watched sport without us.

Got MatchPint already? You know what to do next time you’re making plans for the game.

New to us? Get your hands on our free app today. We’re your best mate for sport - whether you’re looking for your nearest pub showing the big game or details on how you can catch it home, we’ve always got your back.

Still more of a laptop kind of cat? Fear not, we've got a lovely looking web version of our Sports TV Guide right here.