Introducing - The Sports Calendar

We've been busier than Lionel Messi's lawyer this summer and are proud to announce a snazzy new app feature. 

As ever, we spent 95% of the budget on conjuring up a truly groundbreaking name for the thing. 

Here's why the Sports Calendar is going to improve your life.

What Is 'The Sports Calendar' And Why Should I Care?

Hell of a question. With a few taps, you can now ensure you'll never miss a game - no matter what the team, sport or fixture - by syncing us to your phone's digital calendar. 

Every game creates a diary entry telling you the time/date (duh) as well as providing a link to find pubs nearby showing it live and info on which channel it's on.

How Does It Work?

Pretty damn simple. Tell us which teams you adore and we'll make sure the matches you care about are always in your diary. 

Should fixtures get re-arranged or cancelled, we'll automatically update that for you as well.


Can I Sync Any Team, No Matter What The Sport?

Bingo. That's the beauty of our app. Sports fans come in infinite flavours and so do our calendars.

Luton Town fan with a passion for the Boston Celtics, Chennai Super Kings, Lewis Hamilton and the South African rugby team? 

Easy. In seconds you can build and sync your own highly personalised TV schedule that automatically updates to your calendar.

Sounds Good, How Do I Give It A Whirl?

Fire up our app, click the 'Sync To My Calendar' button, follow the on-screen instructions before gazing wistfully out of the nearest window and muttering, "Goddamnit, those cats at MatchPint have done it again." to no one in particular.

On IOS, setting it up is truly idiot-proof - 3 clicks and you're done.

On Android, there's an extra step to complete. We've created a short video guide if you're having any problems at all.

Not got our free app? What the hell are you playing at? Click here on mobile to download MatchPint now.