Introducing – The MatchPint Sports Quiz

From Monday 27th April, our app will have a brand-new trivia game. That’s right, a ruddy quiz!

Will this news shock you to your core? I sincerely hope not. 

It’s 2020, we have concerts starring holograms of dead pop stars and WIFI that occasionally reaches all the rooms in your flat these days.

Will it, however, gently scratch your trivia itch without having to get dressed up and spend 2 godforsaken hours trying to talk over strangers on Zoom? Yes.

Will it help brighten a few precious minutes each week whilst we wait for all this to blow over and we can meet up for a pint at the Winchester? Absolutely.

The format’s simple - 10 sports questions against the clock. 

After each quiz, you’ll get a global ranking based on how right you were as well as how quickly you completed it.

These results will accumulate each time you play, complete with rankings and individual stats. 

Time to prove once and for all who’s the sporting genius and who’s the class dunce amongst you and your pals.

The first one goes live on Monday 27th April and will feature weekly (usually on a Thursday) from then on.

Looking for a guide on how the scoring works? We’ve rustled one up for you right here. 

What are you waiting for? Fire up the MatchPint app and give it a go.  

Good luck quizzing sports fans.