Introducing - The Guinness Pint Predictor

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Six Nations game - The Guinness Pint Predictor.

Ready to win pints, tickets and the ultimate bragging rights? Play the Pint Predictor now.

How To Play

Read on below or watch Big Jim and Goodie explain things.

Each game week, you have the chance to bag a free pint by correctly predicting the result and winning margin of each Guinness Six Nations game.

Get within 7 points to win a pint redeemable in the next week or call it exactly right for a beer to enjoy on the spot.

Your ongoing points total contributes to a national leaderboard, with Guinness Six Nations tickets available for winners, whilst you can set up and challenge mates in private leagues.

Call it. Challenge. Win.

Really fancy yourself? You can also test your rugby knowledge against the very best by taking on Guinness's Rugby Legends.

Make sure it means more this Six Nations. Make your Round 1 predictions now.