Guinness Pint Predictor - What Can I Win?

This year we’re absolutely thrilled to launch our brand new game, the Guinness Pint Predictor.

Each game week brings three chances to win via MatchPint. Simply predict the outcome of each Guinness Six Nations result and the winning margin to play.

Keen to know what your hard-earned predictions can bag you? Read on.


Correctly calling the winner, within 7 points of the final victory margin, will see you win a free pint to be redeemed during the following week (Monday-Friday).

Really know your onions? You deserve recognition there and then. Correctly calling the winning team and exact margin will see you rewarded with a free Guinness available to redeem there and then.

Six Nations Tickets

Every week, how close each of your predictions was to the truth will see you rack up points that contribute to the various leagues you enter. Call a result and winning margin exactly right will earn you 20 points.

Each point you end up away from the actual winning margin sees you lose one from your overall standings tally.

For example, if you called Ireland to beat England by 7, but the result finished with the Irish 8 up, you’d receive 19 points. 10 for calling the result and 9 points for being out by one.

If you call the result but are out by 9, you'd would receive 11 points - 10 for the winner, 1 for being 9 points out.

This will be added to your weekly and cumulative tally with Guinness Six Nations tickets to be won every single round for the highest scoring players.

Bragging Rights

As mentioned above, weekly points are tallied with the option to create personal leagues as well as compete nationally with all other MatchPint users and Guinness’s rugby legends.

With weekly and tournament long prizes up for grabs, there’s something always at stake. The Pint Predictor ensures that every single minute of the Six Nations means more.

Make sure you use the 2019 Guinness Six Nations to put all those debates about who knows their rugby to bed once and for all. Create your personal leagues and invite the mates you absolutely love to get one over now.