Every BBC End Of Tournament Football Montage

Why end of tournament montages?

Because hearing Walk Away by Cast over slow-mo shots of Gazza's desperate lunge and miss at Wembley in 1996 moves me to the verge of tears like no film, book or song ever has or will. And the Beeb just seem to do them better than anyone else.

Tuck in and enjoy a weepy trip down memory lane.

World Cup: Russia 2018

Euro: France 2016


World Cup: Brazil 2014


Euro: Poland/Ukraine 2012


World Cup: South Africa 2010


Euro: Switzerland/Austria 2008


World Cup: Germany 2006

BONUS: England Knockout Credits


World Cup: Japan/Korea 2002

BONUS: England Knockout Credits

World Cup: France 1998


World Cup: USA 1994


World Cup: Italy 1990


World Cup: Mexico 1986 (skip to 8:30)

There you have it. We've got plenty of holes to be filled here, especially on the Euros front. Do your worst and get any links to missing clips in the comments below.

Pete Starr

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