Darron Gibson Makes Impassioned Case For Veganism Whilst Guzzling Raw Steak

Darron Gibson has been filmed making an impassioned case for veganism, claiming meat is ‘shit’, whilst cramming an entire raw steak into his mouth as fast as humanly possible.

The remarkable clip, captured by guests in the wake of a disastrous dinner party held at Gibson’s house, saw the Irish international extoll, at length, the negative effects eating meat has on the environment as well as your own health.

Pressed for more details on his stance, Gibson claimed “It just doesn’t stack up. The carbon footprint on animal products is massive, potentially catastrophic for the future of our planet even.”

Having stopped to momentarily swig heartily from a pint of pâté, he added, “And don’t even get me started the ethics of butchering billions of animals every week when we no longer need to.”

Gibson wasn’t finished though. Having stopped briefly again to hook himself up to a medical drip loaded with a rich slurry of goose fat, pork scratchings and liquidised McNuggets, the midfielder revealed his latest tattoo, the PETA logo, underlining his commitment to the cause.

The clip is the second incident of a remarkable week where Gibson was also filmed slurring his way through criticism of various teammates, citing a lack of professionalism, having just been humped 5-0 by Celtic, 6 days away from the start of the new season.

Shortly after the incident hit the news, Danielle Gibson issued a statement highlighting her intent to start an internal disciplinary process with someone whose name was quite similar to her husband’s.

Pete Starr
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