Comedy Commentary At The Old Red Lion Theatre - 29th March 2014

Comedy Commentary is back for sixth instalment next weekend as Nick Hall and MatchPint’s very own Pete Starr guide you through the action as Man United host Villa in what should be sublime game at the Old Red Lion in Angel. Failing that it'll be a cracking way to see David Moyes shuffle towards the Old Trafford exit door as his equally Scottish counterpart bellows futile instructions at Nathan Baker.




Expect some hastily cobbled together pre match build up followed by 90 minutes of sensational live commentary from the razor sharp minds of your hosts. The perks of this format over regular TV include that, if you think this coverage stinks, you can literally stroll over and voice your thoughts via the particularly persuasive medium of a pint glass to the face should you feel so inclined.


I jest of course guys, you’ll frickin love it. Not convinced? Here’s a review of the last one somebody kindly knocked up.


A slightly dingy snap of the first event.


It all kicks off at around 12:40pm at the Old Red Lion in Angel and will run till 3pm. 


All the key information you could possibly want about this fine event can be found right here on the good old FaceyB event. Why not acclimatise yourself with the fine comic stylings of Nick Hall and the wearying self-promotion and bile of Pete Starr via THE INTERNET and decide for yourself whether you want to spend an hour and a half listening to them?


Incidentally, it’s sponsored by the hugely talented folks at the Illustrated Game. They created the huge boss-man set and are all round good eggs – check out their work sometime. Ideally now.


So there you have it. Come, break the mould with us.