Budweiser Premier Predictor - What Can I Win & How To Redeem

The Premier Predictor rewards fans for proving just how much they know about footy, every single weekend. Here's what you can bag by playing this season.

Free Beer!

Watching football with friends in a great pub is a fine way to spend your weekend. Doing so with a free beer is pretty much Arsenal circa 2004 levels of unbeatable.

Every first perfect prediction of the weekend will get you a hard-earned Budweiser - either draught pint or bottle - depending on where you redeem it. You'll have until midnight the subsequent Friday to enjoy your free beer.

Premier League Tickets

Each player will automatically be entered into seasonal and monthly leagues, depending on their favourite team. These leagues, and any private ones, are decided by how accurate your predictions are in the long run.

For example, if you're an Aston Villa fan, you'll compete against all other Villans on MatchPint with the winners at the end of the month taking home special prizes such as match tickets, official kits and serious bragging rights. We've got hundreds of Premier League tickets to give away this season so keep your eyes peeled at the start of each month for info on what's up for grabs in your leagues.

King Moments

Nothing beats the hug-a-stranger, launch-your-drink-all-over-the-ceiling euphoria of an epic Premier League moment. That's why we'll be tipping our cap to the kings of the league and their moments of greatness throughout this season. Keep your eyes peeled for bonus treats whenever the action on TV renders you speechless or bursting with a thousand words.


Not played the game yet? Fire up the free MatchPint app to play Premier Predictor every week during the Premier League season. Alternatively, find out more about how to play the Premier Predictor right here