Bonus Pint - A Guaranteed Free Guinness For All Pint Predictor Players This Weekend

Gutted about the lack of action this weekend? Fear not. We're giving away over 15,000 free pints to ensure that despite the lack of rugby it's still very Guinness time.

Getting your mitts on a free pint couldn't be simpler. Anyone who's played the Guinness Pint Predictor thus far this tournament will get a pint added to the prizes tab on their app at midday Saturday.

From there, you simply need to find a pub nearby to redeem it in. Take your voucher to the bar when ordering and you'll stroll away as the proud owner of a complimentary pint of Guinness. Like calling the 'mark' when Manu Tuilagi's leading the kick chase, it's an absolute no brainer.

Key Questions

Where will I find it?

At midday Saturday 12th October, any existing Pint Predictor players will find a free pint added to their prize tab.

When does this pint expire?

This particular offer will be available to redeem until midnight Sunday.

Where can I find pubs taking part?

Click the 'claim' button on the app or have a browse through this list of participating pubs. There are over 2100 of them across the UK and Ireland.

Is this on top of the normal Pint Predictor game?

Yes, you can still play and win with the game as normal this week. Incidentally, Saturday's the start of a new game round, have you set your predictions yet? If you're on mobile, click to make your calls now.